Record yourself doing something around the house, and make it look epic in reverse! You have until 9pm Tuesday.


Prizes up for grabs, for Best Video (judged by team of our young people) and Most Likes from the Community.



Posted by 9pm Tuesday 31st March, judged Wednesday.

Must include normal household items.

Use #taskmasternorthwest


Be creative

Ready, GO!

Covid-19 - How to get through

With all the craziness and fear that is going on in the world right now, here is a fantastic video about the realities of germ spreading and how simple methods like hand washing and not touching your face can make a massive difference in avoiding sickness.

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Check out this great video series we produced in collaboration with Neighbourhood Trust exploring the topic of Combating Stress & Trauma in children.

Based on the research of Kathleen Liberty, presented by Dai Henwood.

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