beatONE is our Computer Music Production programme which is run after-school on Wednesdays and is designed to give young people a space to make music in a fun, creative environment. They learn to produce their own music and gain knowledge and experience that only years of trial and error can otherwise bring.

No matter the previous knowledge of the student, they will begin the programme making music that suits their taste. To maximise enjoyment, they will work with their tutor to develop a workflow method which is tailored to them as an individual. As they create music, over time they will progress upwards in ability level to the stage where they are ready to release their music on streaming services and perform live.

What does a session look like?

In every 1-hour session, students will work on music using Apple Logic Pro to learn a concept relating to Music Production, learn to use an key tool and have 1-on-1 time with the tutor to cement the knowledge in the context of the piece of music they are working on. There is a lot of adaptability in the way we offer this programme, whether you're into your House, Techno, Classic Hip-Hop, Punk Rock or Hair Metal, we can make it happen!

Logic Pro X

The Focus


Tom Linklater


Students will have access to professional level software, and also shown great web-based Music Software which they can use at home!

This Programme utilises our Computer Lab (one iMac per student), and Professional Recording Studio when focussed on a specific project like a band recording.

Term cost: $110pp


Interested in checking out the programme?


We offer a two-week taster course for $30 which can be deducted from the $110 term cost if you decide you would like to continue.


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Interested in supporting what we're doing?

The majority of our income is received from grants and donations from people who are passionate about our mission.

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