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Beat One is our Music Technology programme which is run after-school on Wednesdays and is designed to give young people a space to learn music and event technology skills in a fun, creative environment. We cover a wide range of areas such as Live Sound, Lighting, Music Production, DJing, Mixing and lots more!!


The Focus

No matter the previous knowledge of the student, they will begin the programme making music that suits their taste. To maximise enjoyment, they will work with their tutor to develop a workflow method which is tailored to them as an individual. As they create music, over time they will progress upwards in ability level to the stage where they are ready to release their music on streaming services and perform live.

Students will have access to professional level software, and also shown great web-based Music Software which they can use at home!

This Programme utilises our Computer Lab (one iMac per student), and Professional Recording Studio when focussed on a specific project like a band recording.

Term cost: $110pp


Interested in checking out the programme?


Contact Tom below.



Tom Linklater


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