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We know full well that the concept of your young person attending an all-night party could be quite a daunting one for you. There are so many complicated logistics which will go into ensuring their safety and we want to do everything we can to ensure you as a parent have nothing to worry about!


Below is a list of questions we have received so far, if there's still something you need clarification with that you can't find the answer to here, flick us an email or call Tom on 0272793803 and we'll do our best to help you out.

  • Am I able to pay for the event when I get there?
    Tickets regularly sellout for this event, so we advice that you get in early and grab tickets while they're cheap! We are using Humanitix for sellign tickets which makes it super easy to pay by digital methods.
  • My young person no longer lives in the North-West, however he/she goes to school/youth group and has lots of friends going to this event."
    As long as your young person is part of the wider North-West Community, they are welcome to come to Dusk to Dawn.
  • My young person is 13 and has lots of friends at highschool, however he/she is currently at Intermediate."
    Unfortunately we have to say no this time around! We run Dusk to Dawn every 2 years, and loads of fun stuff in between. We do have an intermediate programme in the first week of the holidays called Cruisers which they are welcome to come to. Check out the OSCAR Holiday Programmes page of our website.
  • How will transport work on the night?
    We will be walking between spaces as groups (all indoor spaces), so a warm jacket is very important. We won't be using buses this year.
  • What is the plan for security?
    We will have at least 3-4 supervisors (experienced managers/CCC staff) and at all times a minimum of 25 police vetted youth workers/volunteers to make sure the night is a success.
  • What if I/my young person isn't keen on one of the activites or wants to sleep?
    At each venue the youth can opt out of the activities arranged (the activities have all been arranged by year 11-13’s from various schools on a youth committee).
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