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We know full well that the concept of your young person attending an all-night party could be quite a daunting one for you. There are so many complicated logistics which will go into ensuring their safety and we want to do everything we can to ensure you as a parent have nothing to worry about!


Below is a list of questions we have received so far, if there's still something you need clarification with that you can't find the answer to here, flick us an email or call Tom on 0272793803 and we'll do our best to help you out.

Frequently asked questions

Personal leadership

In order to be an inspiring leader it is crucial to know yourself. Growing in leadership encompasses therefore deep reflection, besides learning practical skills. We can provide training to learn practical skills and to work on your personal development.

Examples of workshops on personal development and leadership are 'Motivating and supervising PhD students', 'How to lead a team', 'Boosting self confidence', 'Dealing with stress', 'Personal leadership', 'A happy work/life balance' and 'Influencing others'.

Examples of workshops on practical leadership skills are 'Personal effectiveness', 'Giving inspiring presentations', 'Successful Grant writing', 'Honest networking', 'Effective collaborations' and 'Giving and receiving feedback'.

We also developed a full training programme for PhD Students and one for postdocs, where they get specifically what they need over the time of their project. If you would like to have a detailed description of these programmes please contact us.

For a full course on academic leadership please visit the website of the Centre for Academic Leadership.

A workshop usually covers a maximum of 1 day. Training programmes can be multiple days over a time span or several days aligned.

If you are interested in a workshop or training by us and want to discuss the possibilities, please contact us.