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Leadership Training Course

Based on the Seven Habits Framework by Stephen R. Covey and including the latest in Youth & Leadership Development models, our programme digs deep into the heart of every young person, encouraging them to realise the potential they have inside of them and what it means to work as part of a team.


We have had incredible responses from students, teachers and parents about the truly life-changing results of exploring the concepts in this programme. By directly confronting the issues impacting the youth of today and encouraging the habits involved in the Seven Habits framework.

"In the years that we have been involved, we have seen this course go from strength to strength. It is a wonderful opportunity for our children and I know that demand is high from many schools around Canterbury, to the point that this course can be oversubscribed."

- One of our regular schools

This programme is aimed at Leadership Groups in Primary Schools (Years 6, 7, 8), but we are fully capable of developing the content to work for High-school Leadership or Corporate Groups. We have had many suggestions from parents of past groups to expand the programme into such areas.

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